September Message - I Love the Colors of Fall

 What a great time of year. Fall colors are showing up in my most recent work. While still loving my liner brush, I'm using it more selectively and with watercolor, and painted rather than scraped shapes.
September is literally buzzing around my Studio. The three giant Sedum plants outside the studio door are loaded with (rare these days) honeybees. It makes me happy to provide a chemical-free area for nature to do her thing.
Portland Community College's Southeast Center has given me a large case to show my work for awhile. My boss Julie and friend Linda were a big help in placing the paintings to
best advantage.

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I have a new office assistant. Her name is O.C. for either Outside Cat or
Other Cat. She came into the yard as I was weeding and jumped into my lap, purring. Skin and bones skinny - I'm such a sucker.
So now I have 3 cats in 2 months. Check 'em out.


I'm still cute too, right? 

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