Melissa’s Studio
March Message 2009
The Famous Traveling Art Chair!

  In the Art Studio of the Southeast Center of Portland Community College sits a wonderful, comfortable, beat-up old armchair.  I can’t remember when we started calling it the Art Chair, but a recent assignment involved placing the Art Chair in an unlikely location.

Here are some of the results created by my talented, imaginative students.

 Aren't they fun?

Own the DVD

Own the DVD

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Art Lesson #1 – Getting Started:
Don’t be Scared!

Art Lesson #2 – Art Journaling:
Are we having Fun Yet?

Art Lesson #3 – A "Grid" Time
Will be Had by All

Art Lesson #4 –
The Yellow Line Project

Art Lesson #5 –
Break It Up!

Art Lesson #6 –
Definition Painting,
Step by Step

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