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Special tools are important.
My artist friend Rebecca York, http://www.RimrockCreations.com works in glass mosaic and gave me a fun melted Saki bottle ornamented with beads and copper wire. It’s a perfect surface for serving sushi, but I leave sushi to the experts and use it for holding a favorite color when painting.

See also my little antique bottle. It was old when I bought it in high school, so that makes it practically prehistoric. It is saved for the Color of Colors: Quinacridone Gold. So with my coveted containers plus a needle nosed squeeze bottle and a natural sponge, I’m ready to play with loose techniques and texture.

Beginning with a full sheet of cold pressed 140# Arches watercolor paper, rimmed with blue painter’s tape, I drip and pour several colors around the paper and let it merge, pull some areas out with a brush, then dry completely.

Next I glaze over several yellows and blues to suggest something having both to do with the sky and the sea.

Then using a great little stick called “A Bottle of Ink in a Pencil” I bring contrast and emphasis to certain areas.

This tool is made by Sanford. It’s also called Noblot Ink Pencil 705.

This looks like an ordinary pencil until it gets wet, when it turns blue and smears a bit. So fun.


I hope you enjoy the close-ups and the whole painting. Keep making art in your life!

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